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IN4MA is a first of its kind platform that allows a consumer with a smart phone or a tablet to request goods and services from any provider.

IN4MA is an "interaction management platform". But that's just a fancy way of saying it is a single application that everyone, on any smart device, can use to communicate, in a structured manner, seamlessly with anyone else. It is a program that works on multiple platforms, and it is customisable exactly to your business needs with only configuration necessary, no programming in most cases. Plus, IN4MA utilizes cloud technology, which can be accessed anywhere, whether you are at home, at work or on the road.

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Our Services

Why Choose Our Services

We strives to provide you with quality services that are aimed at streamlining your business processes as well as focusing on the human element that will be interfacing with our products. We believe that in the era of globalization for enterprises to expand and grow they need to compete not only locally, but also internationally.

Our goal is to offer top notch services in the below mentioned fields of specialization:


With some architectural skill, you can construct a house of cards. But with proper Enterprise Architecture, you can be sure that you are laying solid foundations for your enterprise.

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A jigsaw puzzle is the sum of its parts, and so is your enterprise! When you interlock your departments together, not only do you create the complete picture you want, but you will also enjoy the benefits of smooth communications and clear goal setting plans.

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There is always a room for improvement, and certainly there's one in your enterprise!

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Performance is the best measure of an enterprise, and we are ready to give you the opportunity to align your business activities with your enterprise's vision and strategies to improve internal and external interactions.

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Ready-made software solutions can cover part of your enterprise needs, however there will be a necessity for further customization and additional software development to cover your specialised and unique enterprise requirements.

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Custom-made technical and conceptual training programs for your employees Practice makes perfect. At Informa we believe that the human element is the key for the advancement of your enterprise.

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IN4MA Platform is a unique interaction platform that is created to revolutionize communication as we know it.
It is a business interaction software that acts as a foundation for all your business interaction wants, needs and requirements.
IN4MA Platform offers you the base, the tools and the structure to send your message across; to request and provide anything you can possibly imagine.
The options are truly endless, since IN4MA Platform can be used by any organization, field, entity and business, anywhere in the world.

Our Pricing


3 days trial

$57 /month
  • 1 Interactors
  • 10 Requests/month
  • 0.5 (GB) Storage


Experiment your idea

$300 /month
  • 2 Interactors
  • 100 Requests/month
  • 1 (GB) Storage


Start doing business

$882 /month
  • 10 Interactors
  • 1,000 Requests/month
  • 1 (GB) Storage


Grow your business

$1,343 /month
  • 100 Interactors
  • 1,000 Requests/month
  • 1 (GB) Storage


Scale up and fly

$1,343 /month
  • 100 Interactors
  • 1,000 Requests/month
  • 1 (GB) Storage


Become professional

$3,698 /month
  • 1,000 Interactors
  • 10,000 Requests/month
  • 1 (GB) Storage

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