We believe that the internet is a vehicle of change. That’s why we have created cloud based software plus service solutions that are designed to enhance your enterprise's work style as well as reduce your software/hardware costs and setup lead time.

In addition, we are ready to provide you with conventional computer software that satisfies your current and future business needs.

An essential tool for connecting business interactions in every successful growing enterprise.

An interaction-oriented easy to configure and use web-based ACTWARE that offers a unique and must have tool for both the requester and provider roles in an enterprise. With its out of the box, ready-to-use pre-configured catalog of services, enterprises can start streamlining and understanding their business interactions, maybe for the first time, through a well governed and systematized way. Discover what you can do with IN4ACTWARE..

A cloud based medical collaboration solution designed to assist physicians

Your online specialized-medical-clinic solution is now available anywhere, anytime and just a mouse click away.
IN4DOCTOR provides a comprehensive yet easy to use visually illustrated human anatomy tool designed to assist physicians in managing their relationships with patients and peer medical communities among more other features.
Examine why IN4DOCTOR.COM is a must have in your practice.