IN4LIFE is a secure and comprehensive social networking as well as a personal data management suite. With IN4LIFE, you can rest assured about the privacy of your personal information and files. You can also authorize who can view your information, which gives you an added sense of privacy compared to the other social networking portals. Other than being a social networking suite, IN4LIFE will also provide you with email services and a space to upload your personal documents, pictures, audio, and video.

A genealogy-based uniquely-positioned social networking tool for family sharing and caring

A genealogy-based uniquely-positioned social networking tool for all members of your own family that gives you the ability to construct your own family tree starting with yourself and include your parents, siblings, spouses, children and other relatives enabling you to associate your family photos, audio and video in a culture-friendly and convenient way.

A flexible tool for storing and maintaining your important data about your personal assets securely and privately.

A generic yet convenient digital data vault to store all your personal records privately on the cloud and provide you with a secure access to them anywhere anytime from any device that is connected to the internet.