IN4ACTWARE is a business interaction management software, which is unique and must have tool for both service requester and service provider roles in your enterprise.

With IN4ACTWARE you can:
• Define the organizational structure of your enterprise and store related information (meta-data) about your business units, employees, and job positions.
• Provide a formal definition of the business interaction roles within your enterprise.
• Maintain a well-defined catalog of the services provided and authorize which employees can interact with a specific service.
• Collaborate using a structured and disciplined business interaction system.
• Manage and store business interaction related documents.
• Track and monitor initiated business interactions (requests) and record their progress in your enterprise value adding chain.

IN4ACTWARE will benefit you in:
• Ensuring that the right people and the right processes have the right information and the right resources at the right time.
• Structuring, automating, analyzing and improving your business interaction related processes.
• Aligning your enterprise architecture elements such as process, people and technology.

To learn more about IN4ARCWARE click here to download data sheet (PDF)