In4ma is the sum of experienced and creative people who aspire to provide their clients with innovative enterprise and personal solutions.

Our vision is to create software + service products that cater for the needs & expectations of the fast-growing and demanding internet-based communities, yet taking into consideration the differences in culture, life style, work patterns and habits.

The work philosophy on which we operate is inspired by the fact that the internet can be used as a safe haven for information, as well as a medium for us to provide software + service products to the end users; be they individual or enterprise.This will increase the efficiency of our clients' operations and it will also provide a more user-friendly access to multiple applications with the ability to manage them anywhere, anytime using any device that can be connected to the internet.

We view our clients and products resellers as business partners and we try to reach out to as many as possible; taking into consideration their specific needs and observations regarding our products. In4ma, through its partners network, is capable of providing support, training as well as consultation services to best implement the software + service operational model.